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Criminal Defense Testimonials

“I never thought I would be arrested for a crime, but I was arrested for a DUI and spent the night in jail. Afterwards, I thought I would just maybe have to pay a fine and do some community service hours. I was scared when I found myself facing a possible criminal conviction on my record, losing my driver’s license, my car impounded, required to take a 12 hour driving school, a year on probation, paying over a thousand dollars in fines and court costs, etc. Johnny Devine not only prevented the suspension of my license, but he won my case and the DUI was dismissed! I can never thank Johnny Devine enough!”
~ Harsh Jain

“Johnny Devine is an amazing lawyer, like something out of a movie. He has a confidence about him and it shows in the courtroom. He stood in the courtroom fighting for me and got the criminal case dismissed! What he did for me was amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a champion lawyer.”
~ Chad Stack

“After I was arrested, I was so scared. I didn’t want to have to go to court and definitely didn’t want to go to jail. When I went to see Johnny Devine at his office, he immediately made me feel better. He not only carefully explained all my rights and the legal procedures in detail, but he pointed out several errors in the police reports. He argued brilliantly, won hearings in my case, and prevented unlawfully obtained evidence from being used against me. Johnny Devine is one incredible attorney!”
~ Jessica Bennett

“I realize when people get arrested they almost always claim to be innocent. So, when I was accused and arrested for a crime which I did not commit, I was afraid no one would believe me. When I went to see Johnny Devine, he not only believed in my innocence but he stood up in court and fought so incredibly hard for me. In trial, he was ferocious and argued to the judge that the case should be dismissed. The judge agreed with his arguments and my case was dismissed! I can’t imagine a better lawyer than Johnny Devine!”
~ Sean Gustat

“When I was being prosecuted for a crime, I looked around for the best attorney. After meeting with Johnny Devine, I knew I found the right one. Throughout the entire time he represented me, he always returned my calls the same day and even took my calls during nights and weekends to answer all my questions. He was so incredible in my case and I am forever grateful for everything he did on my behalf!”
~ Alaina Walker

“When I was charged with a criminal offense, several people told me to go see Johnny Devine because he was an awesome lawyer. Now I know it’s true. Thanks to him, I was not convicted for the crime. I will never forget what he did for me and I tell everyone that if they ever need a lawyer he is absolutely the best!”
~ Luis Rivera

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