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Landlord-Tenant Testimonials

“I was dealing with several unresolved issues with my stubborn landlord and I went to see Johnny Devine for help. He explained the law and my rights as a tenant in a way to easily understand and within a few days he helped resolve the entire matter! Afterwards, I never had another problem with my landlord. I’m so grateful for everything Johnny Devine did for me!”
~ Candace Applewhite

“As a landlord, there is nothing more frustrating than tenants who fail or refuse to pay rent when it’s due and you are forced to go through an eviction process. Recently, I hired Johnny Devine to initiate eviction proceedings against tenants who had not paid rent for 3 months. Mr. Devine served legal documents on the tenants and persuaded the tenants to pay all the delinquent rent rather than go through the entire eviction process. In the end, he saved my tenants and me from weeks of frustration and money by avoiding the eviction process. Mr. Devine is not only very knowledgeable about landlord – tenant law, but he is extremely personable and professional. If you’re a landlord with tenant issues, you should definitely go see Johnny Devine!”
~ Derrick Hopkins

“My landlord refused to fix several problems – plumbing leaks, broken front door lock, and two broken appliances. I had a consultation with Johnny Devine who explained exactly how to resolve these issues. I followed his advice and within a week my landlord had fixed everything. Believe me, if I ever have another problem with a landlord, I know exactly where to go – Johnny Devine!”
~ Kathy Paultke

“When my apartment complex kept overcharging me for different services and the property manager refused to do anything about it, I sought legal help from Johnny Devine. He not only helped me understand my rights, he then explained the law to the property manager and let him know the apartment complex faced a lawsuit if the problem was not fixed. Needless to say, thanks to Mr. Devine the overcharged fees were eliminated and I never had the problem again. I would highly recommend Mr. Devine to everyone!”
~ Jaclyn Shapiro

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