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Personal Injury Testimonials

“My daughter was seriously injured in a car accident. We sought legal assistance from another law firm that specialized in personal injury, and after representing her for over a year they said my daughter had “NO CASE.”  I then went to Johnny Devine. Within weeks, he compiled all my daughter’s records, sent a demand to the insurance company for a full settlement, and WON IT!!! Mr. Devine, we thank you for your aggressive hard work, for your personalized attention, and for your brilliant beyond brilliant legal expertise!”  
~ Dodi Dhein

“I lost my husband under tragic circumstances and the insurance company denied coverage in the wrongful death case. Johnny Devine litigated against the insurance company with amazing arguments. Even though there was only $100,000 in liability coverage, he was able to get the insurance to pay $210,000 which helped my life in so many ways. I can never thank him enough!” 
~ Brandi Gerrard

“I cannot begin to describe the agony I suffered when my car was t-boned by another driver who ran a stop sign. I had surgery on my knee and I was forced to use a wheelchair and a walker for several weeks. I was in so much pain all the time. Even though the other driver was clearly at fault, the insurance company argued I was also to blame for the crash and offered to settle my claim for a small amount of money. I am so forever thankful to Johnny Devine! He is so knowledgeable of the law and legal procedures, and kept me informed every step of the way. He litigated my case and won a total settlement of $462,000! Even after my case was over, he called to just check on me to make sure I was doing ok.”  
~ Mary Putnum-Grove

“I was stopped at a red light when a truck violently crashed into my car. I was suddenly dealing with horrible injuries, surgery, medical bills, and the truck owner’s insurance company denying liability. Johnny Devine was incredible! He fought the insurance company and made them pay the entire amount of liability coverage! Thank you, thank you, thank you Johnny Devine!” 

~ Darlene Pearce

“I was injured in a horrific car crash which caused me to undergo surgeries. I can’t describe how much the continual pain messed up my life. On top of that, the at-fault driver’s insurance company was not even offering to cover all my medical bills. I asked Johnny Devine to represent me and he was like a tough bulldog. He litigated my case and won a huge settlement! I would recommend him to everyone!” 
~ Douglas Dolan

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